Women's Health

As a health-care partner with our patients, Bothwell understands the importance of providing women with specialized care in a comfortable and private setting. Specialists in women’s health provide comprehensive obstetric and gynecological services, including care for pregnancy, menopause, incontinence, infertility and routine exams.

More information on our Women’s Health Services is available by emailing info@brhc.org or calling (660) 827-9470.


Bothwell’s nursery keeps moms and their newborns together by providing rooming-in, which allows for faster bonding, easier breastfeeding, better preparation for home, and the same experienced nurse caring for mom and baby, all while providing advanced-care in our Level II facility. Nurses in our Level II nursery are specially trained to care for premature newborns of at least 32 weeks gestation and full-term newborns with breathing difficulties, jaundice or other medical conditions. Bothwell’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit provides a higher level of care should the need arise. 


Having a new baby is a joyous time, and we’re honored to share in that momentous occasion. The specially trained staff of our Obstetrics Department provides the care and support new parents need as they welcome additions to their family.

Our remodeled Women’s Health Unit is now more comfortable and appealing to new families and boasts four larger, family friendly labor-delivery-recovery rooms. Whether your delivery is a natural process or a Cesarean section, your first child or your fifth, our expert nurses and medical providers are with you every step of the way. To help your family bond more quickly, your baby will stay in the room with Mom. This mother-baby care plan helps you bond more quickly, so you learn more about your baby's feeding cues, feel more comfortable about breastfeeding and are more confident when you and baby go home. You also will be cared for as a team by the same nurse so there's better communication and education.
Should a medical need arise for either mother or baby, we still have our Level II Nursery services that include a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.