Bothwell Regional Health Center offers a variety of endoscopic procedures. Endoscopy uses fiber-optics (lighted tubes) to examine the stomach, colon, lungs and other organs to help diagnose various problems. Common procedures include colonoscopies, bladder scans, urodynamics, bronchoscopy, gastroscopy and flexible cystoscopy.

Our physicians and nurses work together to treat patients so they can get well and stay well. During an endoscopic procedure, patients are sedated and monitored for every procedure by registered nurses who are certified in advanced cardiac life support. By having endoscopy procedures at Bothwell, patients have access to additional resources if needed. Bothwell Regional Health Center is an accredited hospital, so patients can be assured we follow the same strict sterilization policies dictated by The Joint Commission as other hospitals use.

For more information about endoscopic procedures, visit with your physician or call (660) 826-8833.