Emergency Department

Bothwell Regional Health Center’s Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Call 660-827-9411 for ER Virtual Visit

For the safety of our patients and staff, the Emergency Department is now offering virtual screenings for our Emergency Department patients. If you have questions about needing emergency care, call 660-827-9411 to speak to an on-call medical provider between 10 am - 10 pm. If virtual care is not available, please proceed to the emergency department to seek care.

Based on your virtual assessment; patients will receive further direction that could include:

  • Proceed to the Emergency Department for additional screening and care.
  • Proceed to the Emergency Department and asked to identify your vehicle. Upon arriving you may have additional screening and/or testing from the comfort of your vehicle.
  • Directed in other ways as appropriate based on your need.

This new process should streamline emergency care and allow you to wait in the comfort of your vehicle and prevent any unnecessary exposure in a waiting room.

Upon arriving to the Emergency Department, patients will be asked to contact the staff by calling the posted number.

The Emergency Department provides emergency and acute care when patients cannot see their primary physician or have suffered serious injury. The Physicians, Advanced Practice Clinicians (Nurse Practitioners & Physicians Assistants) and Nurses are specially trained to help you get well. Please let our staff know in your virtual screening if you prefer to see a physician rather than a nurse practitioner or physician assistant.

The Emergency Department is located on the north side of the main hospital.