Cancer wasn't going to beat me with Bothwell.


Meet Tom Smith

Tom Smith has always lived an active life. After working for the telephone company for more than 30 years, he is enjoying retirement living with his wife on a few acres near Green Ridge, Missouri.
Tom stays busy tending to his horses, roping and woodworking when he’s not with family or going to church. But one day things changed.
Tom had been having trouble swallowing and he just wasn't feeling right. He mentioned this to Dr. Henry Marquez, a cardiologist at Bothwell, during a routine check-up for Tom’s blood pressure. Dr. Marquez suggested he see Dr. Jeff Wadley, a general surgeon, about his swallowing problem.
Dr. Wadley performed an endoscopy and the results weren’t good. He found a malignant tumor.
At Christmas 2014, Tom was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.
“When I found out, I wondered if cancer knew what kind of a whooping it was going to get.”
Tom knew he’d fight hard to beat his cancer—but he didn’t know he could stay right here in Sedalia for the same chemotherapy and radiation treatments available in larger cities – or that Bothwell has full-time cancer specialists who use some of the most advanced medical technology available.
I did not know the center existed until I walked through the doors the first time.”
Bothwell’s dedicated cancer center offers a quiet, healing environment so patients can focus on getting well. Tom's doctors worked together to make things happen and get things done. After intensive radiation and chemotherapy treatments, Tom is cancer free.
He had a scan that showed no cancer, a scan that showed no cancer—after a while we stopped looking because it appeared he’d been cured.”
– Dr. Matt Triplett
When Tom found out, he was ecstatic. “I mean it was the best news I’ve had in my whole life. I knew then I had it licked.” Tom is back to doing what he loves – riding horses, roping and helping others.
Roping, that’s me. Everybody who knows me knows that’s what I do. Not any good at it, but I have fun. That’s all that matters.”
Tom could have gone anywhere for great cancer care. He found it right here at Bothwell – 5 miles from home. “I tell everyone I know about the cancer center at Bothwell. The simple truth is, you can’t get better care anywhere else”.
Tom with a Horse
Tom with Doctors
Tom Portrait in Front of a Tree
Tom Roping

Tom's Cancer Doctors

Dr. Decker
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It’s difficult when patients have to go to and from Columbia, Kansas City or further every day for 6-7 weeks, especially when they aren’t feeling well. It’s really hard for cancer patients to travel. It's great that we offer cancer care right here at Bothwell. We offer the same radiation and chemotherapy treatments available in larger cities.”
Dr. William Decker is a radiation oncologist at Bothwell Regional Health Center. Decker attended medical school and completed his residency in radiation oncology at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Matt Triplet
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Sometimes I’ll be meeting with a patient, and we have a question, and I say I’m going to go talk to Dr. Decker. I'll be gone two minutes and come back with an answer. There is no referring people elsewhere. It’s instant feedback.”
Dr. Matt Triplett is a hematology oncologist at Bothwell Regional Health Center. Triplett attended medical school and completed his residency at the University of Missouri – Columbia School of Medicine in Columbia, Missouri. He completed his hematology oncology fellowship at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center in Columbia, Missouri.
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