Our Standards

We believe that co-workers interact more effectively and patients receive a higher level of care when all employees agree to the same standards of behavior, communication and responsibility in their daily interactions.

That’s why each employee at Bothwell Regional Health Center signs a pledge agreeing to follow specific standards of behavior to help ensure that we never lose sight of our commitment to provide exceptional care. All job candidates are asked to sign this pledge upon submitting an application for employment.

These standards include:

Safety:  Maintaining a safe environment for patients, families and employees

Teamwork:  Actions and interactions of individuals brought together for a common purpose

Communications:  Listening attentively, understanding the customers’ needs, and relaying a message to customers in the process of delivering excellent customer service 

Attitude:  The manner in which job duties and assignments are approached

Accountability:  A willingness by the employee to take personal responsibility for his or her actions and a determination to go the extra mile

Professionalism:  The skill, competence and character expected of a BRHC employee