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Bothwell Speeds Up Hospital Check-in Process


SEDALIA – Bothwell Regional Health Center launched a new way to register at the hospital. As of February 17, the main registration of the hospital is now equipped with a kiosk that includes a smart tablet with a touchscreen that patients use to check-in. 

Patients enter standard information, such as phone number and date of birth and are placed in an electronic queue that displays their place in line via their phone number on a closed-circuit screen in the lobby. 

The system is used at health-care organizations across the country to decrease wait times and speed up the time it takes for patients to check-in at the appropriate department. 

The kiosk at Bothwell Regional Health Center is currently the second of its kind in the region. The nearest hospital with a similar kiosk is located in Illinois. 

“Our new leadership is focused on ways to improve the patient experience, and integrating technology is a key way to reduce delays and errors, and to protect patients’ medical information,” said Bothwell Chief Executive Officer Jimmy Robertson. “We are committed to our patients and delivering the best service we can to our community.” 

Patient Access Specialist John Hanson demonstrates the new touchscreen kiosk located in the main lobby of Bothwell Regional Health Center.

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