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Bothwell Regional Health Center welcomes new therapy staff member: Roscoe the borgi


Sedalia, Missouri, Sept. 13, 2017 – One of Bothwell Regional Health Center’s newest employees, Roscoe, is only 3 years old, but he already knows how to boost spirits and comfort those who are ailing.

“Even the grumpiest person cannot ignore Roscoe,” said Sarah Beaman, a counselor at Lincoln Elementary School and Roscoe’s closest friend. “Only very rarely has someone turned us away. He just seems to connect with everybody he meets.”

Roscoe is a border collie and corgi mix, also called a “borgi,” and is trained as a therapy dog. Beaman obtained the dog in October 2016 from CARES Inc., based in Concordia, Kansas. CARES, which stands for Canine Assistance, Rehabilitation, Education and Services, uses foster homes to teach puppies basic obedience and socialization. The organization also has specialized foster puppy programs at Kansas correctional facilities in Ellsworth and Hutchison.

Beaman received Roscoe from Ellsworth, where he was trained by inmates. Since he was placed with her, the two have been inseparable. She takes him with her to school, on field trips and to Lincoln sporting events.

Maggie Schaffer, a nurse and case management coordinator at BRHC, lives in Lincoln and met Roscoe through Beaman. She mentioned Roscoe to BRHC Chief Nursing Officer Rose McMullin, who discussed the idea of bringing the service dog to the hospital with CEO Jimmy Robertson. “Absolutely!” was Robertson’s response.

Roscoe recently received his BRHC employee identification badge. Beaman imagines there will be many opportunities at the hospital for Roscoe to apply his special therapy skills.

“I think he can help brighten the day of hospital patients, especially in the skilled nursing unit and in pediatrics, along with other areas,” Beaman said. “The plan is for the hospital to be in touch with me, and I’ll bring Roscoe as needed. I’ll also make special trips during school vacations and during the summer, as well as some weekends and evenings.”

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